Lets talk Embroidery T-Shirt trends

An embroidered detail, no matter how small, adds that extra little twist to an otherwise simple outfit. Chances are, if you’ve recently visited a brick-and-mortar store or shopped online, you’ve seen an embroidered t-shirt or two.

Online retailers, of course, are more interested in the ecommerce world, so let’s take a look at what one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, Etsy, with its 54 million members and 31.7 million buyers, has to say about custom-embroidered t-shirts. As always, Etsy sellers are quick to notice new opportunities for sales, so a simple search of custom-embroidered t-shirts on the ecommerce giant’s page reveals more than 15,000 results with designs ranging from barely-there quotes to large embroidered areas that cover most of the shirt.

Source Etsy.com

And then there’s the shirt that might just be the face of embroidered shirts – the polo. Polos have long since found their way out of the polo field, and wound up in the everyday clothing section. Thanks to their aristocratic beginnings, though, these shirts are still associated with class and quality.

Source Ralph Lauren

Custom embroidery is booming at Flagler Supply Co. as well. Our men’s and women’s polos, as well as embroidered t-shirts are quickly becoming crowd favorites, proving that the trend is alive and well, since very little can compete with the premium feel of embroidered details.

It seems that shirts alone could keep the custom embroidery trend going for years to come, seeing that there’s a shirt and a design for every target audience and occasion. But the trend doesn’t really stop there. Shirts are just the basis for your customers’ outfits, and you shouldn’t forget to give them some options to spice it up. That’s where embroidered accessories come in.

And why not start with Hoodies?

For any Embroidered Text request hit us up at order@bowerysupply.com and we’ll make it work for you at no additional cost! From us at Flagler Supply and our friends at Printful we want to thank you for reading!

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