Top 5 Biggest Trends for Men’s Spring 2020

Men are not who they used to be. The archetypes of Spring 2020, the first menswear season of a new decade—and possibly a new era in men’s fashion—are no longer bankers or lawyers. They are romantics and lovers; they are sustainable sensualists; they are deeply elegant with escapist tendencies. They are louche and languid and lovely—and yes, they actually exist. Scan the front rows and you’ll find men, both the famous and the fashionably employed, giving up their rugged jeans for slouchy slacks, their graphic tees for silk camp shirts, and their high-top sneakers for Lemaire’s boy ballet flats.

It was more than one year ago that Vogue Runway first observed a new note of tenderness in the men’s shows, but back then, in 2018, loveliness was still on the fringes of aggression, graphics, and the immediacy of streetwear. Today menswear’s beautification has produced a pack of shows for Spring 2020 that have reset ideas of masculinity for a new decade.

The start of something is always an exciting time, and what’s more is that many of the shows we’ll be talking about for the next 10 years share the same themes: soft suiting, gentle color palettes, forgiving silhouettes, a carefree view of gender but a coy take on sex appeal and sensuality. On the runways of Shanghai, Malibu, New York, London, Florence, Milan, Paris, and Provençe—this season was truly menswear’s most international yet—the consensus thinking was a rejection of the big, bad dudes dominating the news and an acceptance of all the utopian things men can be.

Our colleague Sarah Mower has already reflected on the best of the best of the season, a diverse group of collections that tackles such subjects as liberation, couture, and multicultural consumers. Here, we’re deconstructing the overarching themes and the key pieces of Spring 2020. Consider this: Once the patina wears in on Sterling Ruby’s debut jeans and the ruffles begin to relax on Comme des Garçons Homme Plus’s frock coats, many of these posh dudes will vote in an election that has the potential to change American politics for decades to come. If they really want to be radical, in their Loewe tunic dresses and plunging Dries Van Noten blouses, they’ll vote for a woman. The most potent message of the season just might be that if men can tap into a new openness about gender and purpose in fashion, they can do so in politics too. Welcome to the new rules.

Soft Suiting Comes in Sorbet Shades

Spring’s genteel mood is best represented in the roomy suits in macaron colors that appeared everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Officine Générale. Pinstripes, grays, and blacks look passé against the freewheeling elegance of Kim Jones’s sashed suiting at Dior Men and the glimmering radiance of Clare Waight Keller’s reflective layers at Givenchy. Will corporate types accept cerulean, lemon, and lilac as their colors for spring? Don’t rule it out.

Meet a Different Kind of Midlayer Garment

Virgil Abloh might have popularized the term midlayer garment with his Louis Vuitton harness, but it also happens to be an apt turn of phrase to describe this season’s many tunics and elongated tops. Seen at Loewe, Fendi, and Raf Simons, these thigh-skimming shirts, knits, and caftans break down the traditional silhouettes of menswear, offering a genderless, peerless garment that really can do it all. Wear Loewe’s knit frock to the beach or dare to sport Chalayan’s layered tunic suiting to the office.

Let’s All Be Louche Lover Boys

All hail the hedonists! Led by Dries Van Noten, whose lush florals and plunging ruffled tops ran hot, designers have taken up a siren song for spring. The options for sexing it up are many—and quite musically inclined. At Valentino, “turn on, tune in, drop out” psychedelia and the free love associated with the ’60s and ’70s came through on silk shirts printed with Yes collaborator Roger Dean’s trippy landscapes. At Saint Laurent, there was super-slim suiting worthy of Mick Jagger. Celine sent a message of early-’70s rocking-and-rolling complete with graphics by David Kramer that read, I have nostalgia for things I have probably never known. Trust us, this is a trend that’s just as good the second time around.

These Patterns Are to Dye For

Listen, we all love tie-dye, and the swirling pattern is probably not going away anytime soon. But such designers as Sterling Ruby at S.R. Studio. L.A. C.A., Matthew Williams at Alyx, and Kris Van Assche at Berluti have an alternative solution to spring’s omnipresent shibori: acid-wash and paint splatters. The resulting denim, cotton, silk, and leather pieces have the same free spirit of tie-dye but with a more artful, cerebral bent. It’s not quite grown-up, but it’s certainly sleeker.

Cruise for Some Inspiration Down by the Sea

If last Spring’s message was an escape to the countryside, this Spring’s is all about the seaside. Cropped shorts, boxy sailor tops, nautical stripes, and a palette of Aegean blue ran through Prada, Lanvin, and Kenzo, among others. It might seem escapist or idyllic, but remember that the oceans are what has connected us for millennia—and one of our natural wonders that needs protecting the most. Good news then that Prada will start making its trendy nylon from recycled materials.

Lets talk Embroidery T-Shirt trends

An embroidered detail, no matter how small, adds that extra little twist to an otherwise simple outfit. Chances are, if you’ve recently visited a brick-and-mortar store or shopped online, you’ve seen an embroidered t-shirt or two.

Online retailers, of course, are more interested in the ecommerce world, so let’s take a look at what one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, Etsy, with its 54 million members and 31.7 million buyers, has to say about custom-embroidered t-shirts. As always, Etsy sellers are quick to notice new opportunities for sales, so a simple search of custom-embroidered t-shirts on the ecommerce giant’s page reveals more than 15,000 results with designs ranging from barely-there quotes to large embroidered areas that cover most of the shirt.


And then there’s the shirt that might just be the face of embroidered shirts – the polo. Polos have long since found their way out of the polo field, and wound up in the everyday clothing section. Thanks to their aristocratic beginnings, though, these shirts are still associated with class and quality.

Source Ralph Lauren

Custom embroidery is booming at Flagler Supply Co. as well. Our men’s and women’s polos, as well as embroidered t-shirts are quickly becoming crowd favorites, proving that the trend is alive and well, since very little can compete with the premium feel of embroidered details.

It seems that shirts alone could keep the custom embroidery trend going for years to come, seeing that there’s a shirt and a design for every target audience and occasion. But the trend doesn’t really stop there. Shirts are just the basis for your customers’ outfits, and you shouldn’t forget to give them some options to spice it up. That’s where embroidered accessories come in.

And why not start with Hoodies?

For any Embroidered Text request hit us up at and we’ll make it work for you at no additional cost! From us at Flagler Supply and our friends at Printful we want to thank you for reading!



50/50 or FIFTY-FIFTY: This describes t-shirts made from a blend of equal parts cotton and polyester. They’re not uncommonI find 50/50 t-shirts more commonly than 100% cotton ones–but it’s often used in listings and so worth knowing.

DEADSTOCK: Deadstock refers to a t-shirt in new and unworn condition. Among vintage items, deadstock t-shirts are relatively common. Chances are they sat untouched in a screen-printers inventory for decades before being donated or sold.

Because they were not often individually tagged or packaged, determining whether a piece is deadstock requires some sleuthing:

  • Smooth seams: On a shirt that has been washed, the seams will often cinch up, creating a bit of a ripple at the hem, neck, and shoulders.
  • Crisp tag: The tags on many vintage t-shirts are made of a stiff, papery material. These tags degrade quickly after washing.
  • Found in bulk: If you find 7 or 70 identical t-shirts together, it’s likely that they’re unworn. Printers often liquidate inventory in lots rather than as individual pieces.

MOUNTED COLLAR: A mounted collar is sewn onto the top of the t-shirt, rather than sewn under the fabric. In my experience, mounted collars hold their shape better than sewn-under ones.

An older vintage t-shirt–from the 1960s, for example–is more likely to have a mounted collar than one from the 1980s or 1990s. So, do a double check if you see one in the wild. Of course, Russell Athletic still mounts collars in 2018.

SCREEN PRINTED: In screen printing, an inky medium is pressed through a screen and onto the t-shirt. Because the process requires a moderately laborious set up, many vintage screen printed t-shirts–especially those from small events or local institutions–feature only one or two colors.

THRASHED: Thrashed is the go-to term to describe a shirt that’s heavily worn but still wearable. The fabric will be thin, there may be holes and tears, and there may be stains. I don’t have any thrashed t-shirts in my collection, but the screen capture below illustrates the concept:

Generally, the damage is from frequent washing and wear: Discolored collars, holes at the shoulders, and frayed hems are common. Natural fading and repairs are often desired. A giant wine stain on the front does not contribute to thrashiness.

TRI-BLEND: Tri-blend refers to vintage t-shirts made from from cotton, polyester, and rayon fabric.  These t-shirts are desirable for their rarity, softness and durability. The yarns are often heathered, giving the fabric a unique, variegated look.


At once ubiquitous and unique, t-shirts are great gateway to the world of vintage clothing. They offer styles and stories and fits as various their owners. I’m hoping this guide can help you take the leap.

If you want to learn more about the world of vintage t-shirt collecting, I recommend exploring our T-shirt store for a wide collection.  There’s a lot of awesome, timeless content there.

But if you need further incentive, please know that the global t-shirt economy is one of the most wasteful and exploitative on Earth. Buying used t-shirts helps, in a tiny but meaningful way, to counter emissions, improper chemical disposal, and human exploitation, not to mention the literal waste of discarded t-shirts.

5 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2020

Our favorite annual traditions: recapping the year’s t-shirt design fashion trends!

1. Bright Colors

Something we’ve noticed a lot in 2019, is an uptick in bright, vibrant t-shirt designs. This applies to the prints themselves, and the actual color of the shirt as well. A prime example is our Cali Stamp T-shirt we have made available in bright popping colors.

2. Nostalgia-Inspired Designs

We’re not sure if it’s Stranger Things related or what, but there seems to be a huge demand for nostalgia. Look at the top-grossing films this Summer and you’ll see titles like:

  • Spiderman
  • Toy Story 4
  • Lion King
  • Men in Black

It seems pretty clear that everything from fashion to entertainment is heading back to the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

3. Mineral Wash Apparel

This next trend is one of the apparel industry’s best-kept secrets that looks like it’s finally been let out, and that is mineral wash apparel. Evoking grunge feelings of the 80s and 90s, mineral wash t-shirts are an awesome option for faded, worn-in looks.

4. Front Chest, Back Middle

Now this trend isn’t exactly unique to this year by any means, but it’s worth noting simply for it’s staying power in the t-shirt design world: t-shirts with a small, left chest print on the front and a larger, center-aligned print on the back are favorites time and time again. One of our best selling designs this year Bowery Cali Palms has proven how costumers are willing to pay even a fraction more for a back print tee.

5. Just Text Designs

This trend is also a holdover from our list last year, but it deserves to be on the list again because it hasn’t gone anywhere. T-shirts have a unique ability to convey a message, and type-centric designs tend to convey them best. Whether a company mantra, bit of humor, words to live by, or even just a plane Nasa Worm logo text, a clever saying laid out in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing will always resonate with people.

Make Your Own Trend

Whether you’re designing a t-shirt, print, or, well, anything really, we hope these 5 t-shirt design trends give you some inspiration. Have you noticed any design trends that we didn’t list? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you about what’s going to be hot in the coming months.

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187a5870-7a06-4742-aebb-95457bc0c82a“Today pornography in Uganda transcends publication of explicit materials and includes any indecent communication, speech, entertainment, stage play, broadcast music, dance, art, fashion, motion picture and audio recording. It also outlaws anything that “shows sexual parts of a person such as breasts, thighs, buttocks or any erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement or any indecent act or behavior tending to corrupt morals”.”

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