Bowery Supply Co. Store Coming Soon

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148 Comments on "Bowery Supply Co. Store Coming Soon"

  • Eugene says

    You guys have unique style apparel and I’m looking forward to see more of it thnks!

  • arthur says

    When is this store going to open?

  • Jordan says

    Your clothes are awesome! getting ready to buy some

  • Nohe Angel Cornejo says

    Hello my name is Nohe and I want to ask if you give out sponsors or if you guys would be willing to give me clothes to sponsor you guys.I really like your clothing and the unique images.The shirts are super comfortable also.Most of my friends have asked what brand it is and I tell them,next couple of days they come back with some fresh Bowerly Supply clothing and I’m blown by there expressions . They would always come up to me and actually thank me for introducing them.Hope you guys actually look at this and reply !!!I’m also a baseball player so people kind of always are looking at me

  • Angel Nizam says

    U guys have nice clothes and style but where can I get some

  • jeremy says

    Been waiting long enough! i found some shirts at tj-max and love the fit. I need more!!!

  • Gabe says

    I’m from Barcelona, Spain, and I bought some of your clothes on my last trip to US. I’d like to buy some more t-shirts as I love them. Could you please let me know how to do it online? Thank you.

  • Jake says

    Recently got a cut off from you guys and I’m really picky on what i wear. You are most defiantly the next big thing i will be buying a lot more from you guys. My friends keep asking where i get all the cool shirts from. That’s coming from a 21 year old college student by the way good luck guys.

  • Lindsey says

    When and where can I purchase your shirts?
    Xo -Lindsey

  • sebastian martinez says

    your clothes is so amazing bro keep up and i already got 2 shirts ^.^

  • Aaron says

    Omg where have you been all my life I like this brand I just found the girl with the finger mustache shirt at a store and I fell in love I wish I can model for you guys

  • Tom says

    I saw a black t shirt with a girl holding up a finger mustache at the store and I had to have it. I never saw anything like it but I love it. Needless to say it is no longer on the shelf at the store, it’s hanging In my closet. So something this unique most have a story behind it, and if so please share.

  • van nguyen says

    Hope your store goes up soon! Love the shirts

  • William says

    Let me know when the online store opens. I found one shirt in store, I liked the style. But I want to get two more.

  • Yamil Garcia says

    your shirts are amazing, and all my friends and people from my school tell me they love it but i wanna know when the online store going open?? ps. follow me on instagram @yamilomargarcia

  • diana says

    I just bought a bowery shirt today, i love it because it is so unique.

  • Renzo says

    Bought my first item. Quality higher then many more popular brands. Fit is perfect. Super soft crew sweater. Will be on the hunt for more gear soon. Looking forward for the direct site to launch! Keep me on your mailing list.

  • I’ve rocking U guys’ hoodies at my performances… I get nothing but compliments…

  • Even says

    Im a Bowery and proud to say I found you guys…grate style keep it up

  • Cameron says

    Love your attitude on style. Def am a return costumer as long as you guys stay true to your originality! Best of Luck

  • Travis says

    Hey I Work At Marshalls And I Buy Your Brand Of Clothing I Love It I Wish Yall had An Online Website

  • Erik says

    You guys have cool clothes when are you guys going to open your stores and where are they going to be at?

    • admin says

      We sell our clothing on our website. Other retailers such as TJ Max, Nordtsrom, Ross, Marshalls etc also sell our clothing.

  • Eric Lopez says

    Already bought one of your shirts. Looking forward for a store soon!

  • Mitchell says

    Got one of your sweatshirts today and will definitely be buying more when you guys open the store!

  • arthur says

    when do you guys actually open?

  • Skatenikka says

    I love ur clothes I got the sexy Sanchez shirt today

  • Jared says

    Your guys’ hoodies are dope. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more

  • Chris says

    Found the “rich girls/poor girls” 3/4 length longsleeve T and i can honestly say this is my favorite shirt. Chest sizing for Medium is perfect, sleeve length is on point, overall length is perfect after a wash. Please keep me informed; looking to replace some worn out tees and l/s with your stuff. Loving this & passed it along to my aftermarket car club of a few thousand strong. The aftermarket car scene screams for this type of gear. Need more!

  • Jeffrey says

    I bought 3 of your shirts today i think they are pretty awesome, I’ll for sure buy more! keep making em!

  • Andrea says

    You guys need to hurry up and start selling! I want to buy so many amazing shirts I saw.

  • Jeremy Monsanto says

    I really dig your clothing. I like to walk around with my baseball tee that says “Rich girls will break your heart… Poor girls will take your money.” Whenever I walk around, people look at my shirt and say things like, “Hey man, lemme cop that shirt!”

    I like the fact that your shirts have originallity in a way that shows similarity to other clothing brands I like. There are brands out there that are expensive beyond my belief. Your clothing is the exact same material and even sturdier in some cases, yet not as expensive. I like that you people are rationally priced. Don’t ever change!

    I only wish you were more available to acquire.

  • hey i work at tj max and i fell in love with your style and cant wait to see more and would love to sponsor for you guys im an all year round athlete in high school and i get alot of attention for it, so if your interested reply back please.!?!?!

  • Max says

    Hey guys i love your stuff pleeeease open a store in boston if you ever do!!!

  • admin says

    Please contact our marketing team at to discuss sponsorship.

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